August 2006

Options for Stressed-Out Parents

If you've ever been embarrassed, frustrated or struggled in raising your children, you are not alone! Here are two easy-to-read books by a Christian mom who's been there and survived and has advice for those of us still raising families.

The first book by Kendra Smiley is Be the Parent (Moody Publishers, 2006). This book addresses the challenges parents face and offers realistic descriptions of family life. She gives do-able suggestions to not only raise our children but maintain a peaceful home at the same time. Smiley says that parenting involves making intentional choices and following through on our choices. She offers steps to make each choice work for your family. Examples of these parent choices include chapters called "Choose to Be the Parent, Choose to Be an Encourager, and Choose to Discipline in Love."

Another book written by Kendra Smiley and her son Aaron Smiley is titled Aaron's Way. This book is a personal account of raising (and being) a strong-willed child. It details what life is like living with a strong-willed child and offers insights and strategies to cope with and to delight in this type of child.

Both books use Scripture as a foundation. Both books are humorous and easy to read. Both books offer realistic perspectives and options to stressed-out parents. Both books are worth checking out.

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