December 2007

Bible Readings for Advent

Jesus is the reason for the season---and yet, the season is so hectic, so crazy—how can Jesus be part of your family's season without adding more to your To Do List? Here is an idea to try this advent. There are some wonderful passages that give context to why Jesus came to earth as a human. As a family, read and reflect on one verse each day during advent. Reading only one verse a day may help slow everything down for just a few minutes and bring Jesus' purpose into focus. Here is a sample schedule.


Day 1: Genesis 3:4
Day 2: Genesis 3:15
Day 3: Genesis 3:16
Day 4: Genesis 3:17
Day 5: Isaiah 9:2
Day 6: Isaiah 9:3
Day 7: Isaiah 9:4
Day 8: Isaiah 9:6
Day 9: Isaiah 9:7
Day 10: Isaiah 53:1
Day 11: Isaiah 52:2
Day 12: Isaiah 53:3
Day 13: Isaiah 53:4
Day 14: Isaiah 53:5
Day 15: Isaiah 53:6
Day 16: Isaiah 53:7
Day 17: Isaiah 53:8
Day 18: Isaiah 53:9
Day 19: Isaiah 53:10
Day 20: Isaiah 53:11
Day 21: Isaiah 53:12
Day 22: Luke 1:46-48
Day 23: Luke 1:49-50
Day 24: Luke 1:51-52

Family Devotions
Often this is the time of year when we buy daily devotional guides to use with our children for table time or bedtime devotions. Faith Alive Resources has several devotional books ( that we suggest you consider. Another book that we recommend is Making Time For God:Daily Devotions for Children and Families To Share by Susan R. Garrett and Amy Palantinga Pauw, available through

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