December 2009

Family Nights

Are you looking for a way to teach your children Christian beliefs and values and have fun at the same time? Here's a suggestion from Heritage Builders. says its purpose is to help families "become intentional about passing on a Godly heritage to their children." One recommendation is Family Nights.

Family nights are all about having fun and laughing as a family. Family nights are also about discovering together the wonder of God and how he wants us to live as his children. Family Nights books by Jim Weidmann and Kurt Bruner offer an array of fun activities for families to use as they intentionally learn more about God together.

Here is an example from Basic Christian Beliefs: Family Nights Tool Chest (Book 2) To show children that God is all knowing, one activity involves a magic trick (and includes instructions for how to make the trick seem to work) which seems to enable the parent to read the mind of a child. The parent then has the opportunity to share how God really does know everything about us. Another activity is to work at two puzzles-one right side up and one upside down. After talking about which way to complete a puzzle is harder, the parent may share how God sees the whole picture of our lives, and we may only see a few pieces that don't seem to fit together. Each family night chapter ends with a slogan. The slogan for God's omniscience is "Future, present, or past, God's knowledge will always last!"

The Family Night books offer another tool for families wanting to teach and learn about God in meaningful, fun ways.

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