December 2015

Beauty-Creating: Make Something Interesting

My favorite story about beauty-creating is hearing about a young kindergarten boy working diligently on a painting. He showed it off by yelling to his teacher, “Look! I’m a beauty-creator!” He understood that as a child he could celebrate God by creating something.

As adults, we make a huge mistake when we don’t play, or draw, or sing, or dance. We also err when we assume that what we do in the day-to-day is not creative. We multiply these mistakes if we discourage children in their play, or their art, because it’s “childish.” When we deny creativity, we sin, because doing creative work is who we are, because we are the image of the Creator.

As parents, encourage play and games. In church, push for all of the arts not just music (and all kinds of music). Equip your children to attend a play, a concert, an art gallery, and a film premiere and discuss these things often. Encourage music in the house, in the church, and in the car (In the car, make sure the family listens together!). Take an interest in your children’s music choices and share with them what you like. Look at and listen to art that expresses joy, sorrow, and every part of the human condition, and share. Encourage the viewing of art that proclaims God’s word and artists who use talents to respond to God’s word. Get your children involved in your church’s drama presentations, music teams, banner making, flower arranging, etc.

Make something interesting.

(Pottery Mosaic Artwork provide by the Children's ministry children and volunteers at Joy Jam, Jubilee Christian Reformed Church, St.Catharines, ON)

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