February 2009

Being a Blessing

February can be a tough month. Christmas seems far away, and spring seems even farther. Here's an idea to add excitement to a dreary month. Have you ever heard the John Waller song called The Blessing? Part of the song's lyrics say "we will choose to be a blessing for life."

Here's the idea: listen to the song. Talk about how the word "legacy" means what people really think of you when you are not around. Ask how others can see "that our hearts belong to Jesus"? (more lyrics from John Waller's The Blessing). Then issue a challenge: can we as a family Choose to be a Blessing this month? Ask which is more important: what we do to serve or the attitude when serving.

Each day, have a different challenge to be a blessing. Use action verbs to describe the daily challenge. Examples: Cleaning, Cooking/Baking, Encouraging (sending notes to someone), Loving (sending Valentine's day cards to someone who may be lonely), Recycling, Collecting (food for a food pantry), Visiting, Worshipping.

Setting a challenge before your family and then creating daily activities for your family to serve joyfully just might make February a bright and cheery month after all.

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