February 2012

God’s Big Story Cards

Looking for a fun game to play that will also grow the faith of all members of the family?  Try God’s Big Story Cards  by Karen DeBoer and Carol Reinsma. This game is part of Faith Alive’s new Sunday school curriculum called Dwell and is geared towards kids ages 5 through fifth grade. 

The kit or “game in a box” includes 165 large Bible story cards and color-coded dice.  Once a story card is chosen, the scripture passage associated with the story is read.  Then someone is asked to roll the dice.  There are six colors, and each color has an activity listed for that specific story.  For example, for the story card called Night and Day, the Bible passage is Genesis 1: 1-5.  The blue dot is Retell (How many seven word sentences can you put together to tell the story?).  The yellow dot is Respond (Use the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot” to make up a song about God creating light).  The green dot is Praise (Turn off all the lights or take a flashlight and go to a dark place.  Wait a moment, then turn on all the lights or shine the flashlight. Applaud God for creating light).

For more information about God’s Big Story Cards, check out Faith Alive’s website at www.faithaliveresources.org.

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