February 2013

God’s Epic Story

The Bible—God’s Word—tells us the epic story of creation, sin, redemption, and restoration.  Here’s an idea for presenting the grandness of God’s plan to children in February, the month we celebrate love.  Since God’s story has four acts, use the four weeks of February.  Create a chapter book or a flip book over the course of the four weeks.

Week 1:  God’s Creation

Use Genesis 1 to draw pictures of everything God created.  Take a prayer walk—thanking God each time you notice something that he created.  Make something out of clay or play-doh and reflect that the enjoyment we get from creating is similar to the joy God experiences when he creates. 

Week 2:  Sin Enters God’s Creation

Use Genesis 3 to draw pictures of sin entering our world.  Go for another walk, this time noticing all the effects of sin.  Talk about how sin affects everything—from nature to our bodies to our relationships with God and with others.

Week 3:  God’s Plan for Redemption

Use the gospels to read through Jesus’ birth, his life, his death, and his resurrection.  Draw pictures of Jesus as our Redeemer.  Walk through how to tell someone else about God’s salvation plan.  Practice it—so you are ready when asked.

Week 4:  Restoration of God’s Creation

Read  Revelation 21.  Draw pictures of the new earth.  Take a walk and wonder together what will change and what will be similar.  Review the previous three weeks, and have a celebration of God’s epic story!

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