January 2005

New Year's Family Resolutions

Happy New Year! January is the time for New Year's Resolutions. If your family wants to help others, January is a great time to plan out an entire year of monthly giving. Spend some time choosing one way each month that your family can give help, with money or time.

Here are some serving options to consider:

  1. Picking up garbage/cleaning up a nearby park.
  2. Visiting a nursing home.
  3. Supporting our soldiers.
  4. Opportunities at your church.
  5. Sending letters or cards.
  6. Calling or visiting someone who may be lonely.
  7. Giving to a local food pantry.
  8. Using the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee gift catalog (www.crwrc.org/giftcatalog/index.html).
  9. Praying for someone or an organization daily for an entire month.
  10. Offering to baby-sit.
  11. Sending meals to a family.
  12. Looking for opportunities at your school.

Life is hectic for families. If your family plans out an entire year of monthly service opportunities in January, hopefully, serving others will become a good monthly habit. Try having a family meeting to sketch out how your family will help others in 2005. Here's a monthly list to help you get started:

January: ___________________________________________________
February: ___________________________________________________
March: ___________________________________________________
April: ___________________________________________________
May: ____________________________________________________
June: ____________________________________________________
July: ____________________________________________________
August: ____________________________________________________
September: ____________________________________________________
October: ____________________________________________________
November: ____________________________________________________
December: ____________________________________________________

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