January 2007

Making God Real

As parents, our most critical job is to introduce our children to Jesus, to His love, and to His offer of salvation. But how do we as parents make God real for our children—more real than the characters on TV or videos? Christianity Today International offers a guide for parents in a Christian Parenting Series aimed to help parents develop their children's spiritual lives.

How do we make God real for younger children? Karyn Henley says (Christianity Today International, www.ChristianBibleStudies.com) to take things that happen and link them to God. When Mom is helping someone clean up a mess, she can comment, "I'm being a helper to you. Sometimes you help me. God likes us to help each other." Or, after noticing something in creation—a flower, a cloud, a storm—link it to God's creative power. If your child is afraid, acknowledge the fear, then cuddle and sing a song about God or tell God in a prayer what your child is worried about. Share stories of when God has kept you safe or showed His love for you.

The study guide that accompanies this article offers good "teaching points" for parents to use when talking to children about God. What do we want our children to know about God? He loves them. He made everything. He watches over us. He is always with us. The study guide gives help to make these sentences about God real to our children and to us. It also offers more resources for parents to check out.

God is real. We know that. How do we make God real to our children? We don't have to have the perfect sentence to tell our children. We need lots of sentences about God for Him to be real to our children. This study guide gives parents just that: sentences about God being real.

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