January 2009

Using Games to Teach about God

Here's an idea to try when everyone is stuck inside. Play a game of Follow the Leader throughout the house. Take turns being the Leader.

Then ask your children some "leading" questions. What happens when the followers don't follow the leader? How would the leader feel? What might the leader do? Did you know that God is our leader? How is God our leader? Do we always follow him? How do you think God feels when we don't follow him? What do you think he does when we don't follow him? How does God tell us what he wants us to do?

Read with your children about Bible people-people to whom God gave unusual instructions to follow. Read about Noah being told to build a huge boat. Read about Abraham being told to move to a foreign land. Read about Gideon being told to take 300 soldiers into battle armed with only trumpets, torches, and empty jars. Read about Joshua being told to march around a walled city. Read about Peter being told to visit a Gentile home. Read about Philip being told to walk along a deserted road.

Sometimes the best way to teach about God can begin with a game!

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