January 2010

Encouragement Card Ministry

Sometimes, the best intentions lead to ......nothing. Have you ever wanted to do a service project as a family, but just never got around to actually planning it? In the crunch of time families face, the service project will probably never actually happened without planning. January is always a great time to plan ahead. Here is an idea to consider:

Set aside one night to work and plan together as a family. Choose 12 people or families or charities that could use your encouragement during the coming year. Brainstorm possible ways to encourage these people. Make lots of cards that you can grab and use quickly.

Choose one person or family or charity to focus on each month. Keep your list by your new calendar or put a name on each month. At the beginning of "their" month, send a card to the chosen person/family/charity. Pray for this person/family/charity each day for the entire month. Imagine an entire month of daily prayers being offered for you!

Planning is often the hardest step to take. Plan for the year now, and your family may actually create a wonderful tradition of intentionally praying for and encouraging others. Have fun planning for 2010!

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