January 2013

Singing Bible Verses

Psalm 119 describes God’s Word as a “lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  Memorizing Bible verses hides God’s Word in our hearts, but memorizing can also be a challenge for both adults and for children.  Using music to memorize Bible verses and learn Bible stories is one way to make the learning easier and long-lasting.  Here are resources for using music to memorize God’s Word:

Sing-along Creation Songs CD which features 10 story songs from the Old Testament and songs by Mary Rice Hopkins.  (faithaliveresources.org)

Sing-along Miracle Songs CD which features 11 story songs from the New Testament and songs by Mary Rice Hopkins.  (faithaliveresources.org)

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart 1/Hide ‘Em in Your Heart 2 CDs by Steve Green.

100 Bible Songs and 100 Bible Stories by Wonder Kids.

100 Bible Verses Every Kids Can Sing ‘n Learn by Wonder Kids.

Shout the Word:  Trust in the Lord CD by Provident Music Distribution.

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