January 2016

Idolatry-Discerning: Be Different

The Great Pyramid at Giza, the Temple of Artemis and Statue of Zeus.  When archeologists study an ancient culture, they know what’s important to that culture by studying how that culture spent its resources and its time.  If future archaeologists look at our North American society, what would they say that we value?

Idols today are the things and people that we spend our time and money on instead of following God’s call to us to lead a Christian life. For example, just think about the conversations that we have at Christmas time. We talk about too many packages, back up gifts, parties and Christmas decorations, gift cards and cash.  Where would you rather be around Christmas time - the mall? When we compare our wants for Christmas to what God wanted for our Christmas, we can discern what’s we are called to do.

But it’s not enough to discern. We need to also be prophetic-speakers who, like the Old Testament prophets, call it like it is and point to others what needs to be done. Churches are supposed to be places that are counter-cultural and uncomfortable, with calls-to-action. How are we teaching our children that when you serve God that makes you different?

  • Read your family Bible regularly. Take turns reading and discuss what’s been read.
  • Teach your children to pray around the supper table, before bedtime and other key moments in the day. Encourage prayer in restaurants, in school and before important moments.
  • Sing. Sing often and loudly. Sing praise songs but also any great and wonderful song. People today see singing as a performance not as a spontaneous fun.
  • Watch movies, webcasts, and television together. Invite your child to sit with you and watch. Then talk about the movie and ask them questions about what they liked, disliked and thought was interested about the film. Share your ideas to model for your children what to say.
  • Engage in what’s good about the culture today and enjoy it. Ask questions. Make decisions. Figure things out together.
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