July 2004

What Bible Shall I Buy?

Having a family Bible brings a sense of heritage and community to being a Christian. Having your own Bible offers a special connection with God and with His words. If you are considering buying your child a Bible, here are some that are specifically geared to children.

The Beginners Bible (Karyn Henley, 1997) is a collection of 95 Bible stories in an easy to read with lots of pictures format. It is aimed at children ages 2-8. The Read with Me Bible (Zondervan, 2000) contains 106 Bible stories from the NirV (New International Readers Version) and is for 4-8 year olds.

For children ages 6-10, there is the Adventure Bible for Young Readers (Lawrence Richards, 2000). This NirV Bible includes extra information about the people and places in the Bible. Another NirV Bible for children is the Holy Bible NIrV: A Bible for Kids (International Bible Society, 1999)

The Adventure Bible (Lawrence Richards, 2000) targets children between 8 and 12 years old. This Bible has also includes information about the people and places in the Bible, activities, and Bible verses to memorize.

The Boys Bible NIV (Rick Osborne, 2002) is geared to boys between 8 and 12 years old. The motto of this Bible is to enable boys to mature physically (get stronger), mentally (get smarter), spiritually (get deeper), and socially (get cooler).

The Young Women of Faith NIV Bible (Susie Shellenberger, 2001) is for girls ages 8-12. This Bible ties into the NIV Women of Faith Bible to provide an opportunity for mothers and daughters to read God's words together.

If you want more information about these children's Bibles, visit www.zondervan.com.

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