July 2005

Mom, I'm Bored

This summer, every mom will hear these words at some time: "Mom, I'm bored. What can we do?…"

Here are some suggestions for when you hear that question:

  1. Make a list (you and your children) of possible things to do. Separate each activity into one of two baskets. Basket #1 is for activities that don't cost any money. Basket #2 is for activities that will cost money. When the "I'm bored" problem comes up, pull a slip from one of the baskets (Mom gets to decide which basket) and do the activity together.
  2. Have a contest, the sillier the better. Assemble boxes of "building" supplies and challenge your children to build the tallest building or the silliest animal or the strangest looking bird or the craziest statue. They may only use what is in the supply box.
  3. Create an obstacle course—or have the children create an obstacle course. Time everyone or video everyone going through the course.
  4. Put on a puppet play. On this website there are audio Bible stories to listen to and enjoy. The scripts used for these audio Bible stories are also on the website to be downloaded and used.
  5. Tell a never-ending story. Sit in a circle and take turns telling part of an exciting adventure. Decide upon a key word (such as suddenly, then, unexpectedly). As soon as the key word is said, the next person begins telling the next part of the story.
  6. Camp out in the family room. The kids can be in charge of setting up the "tent" while the adults can be in charge of the "picnic snacks."

Hope you have a wonderful summer vacation!

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