July 2007

Using Stories to Pass on the Faith.

As parents, our most critical responsibility is to introduce our children to Jesus, to His love, and to His offer of salvation. Part of this job is teaching our children what it means to follow God. Christianity Today International offers a guide for parents in a Christian Parenting Series aimed to help parents develop their children's spiritual lives. The sixth article and study guide focus on "Using Stories to Pass on the Faith."

In an interview with Lisa Jackson (Christianity Today, Jan/Feb, 2001), William Bennett says that "stories are a powerful way to connect with kids." His book, The Child's Book of Faith, is a collection of stories that are meant to inspire faith and build a moral foundation. Why is telling stories a good way to nurture our children's faith? God wired us to understand through stories. We all love to listen to a good story and can grasp the meaning behind it. Stories help us to remember the past and to face the future. Jesus used stories frequently to teach about God—His stories revealed God's character and demonstrated what our response to God should be.

What kinds of stories will inspire faith? Bible stories, personal stories, even fictional stories—when the stories are morally true and point to God, they strengthen our children's trust in God. Stories that show how faithful God has been, give our children courage to face their future with God.

Make your storytelling dramatic and exciting—who knows how long a simple story may stay with and encourage your child's faith! If you would like more information on Christianity Today's Christian Parenting Series, visit their website at www.ChristianBibleStudies.com.

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