July 2008

Being a Steward with God's Creation

Summer is a great time to talk about stewardship with your children. Stewardship means taking care of God's creation. God created everything and then gave it to us to use and to take care of. Here are some stewardship activities to try.

Choose a "plot" of land to take care of weekly. Weeding, picking up litter, maybe even planting flowers are all ways to actively take care of a part of God's world. The plot you choose may be a public park or finding a neighbor who may need help.

Memorize Psalm 8 as a family. Marvel at all God has made while walking-both during the day and at nighttime. Use the verses to talk about our response to God's creation and his giving his creation to us.

Recycle. Visit a recycling center. Look up recycling facts on the internet.

Create a book of God's creation together with poems, descriptions, and artwork. Create a collage showing God's creation.

Clean out closets and toy chests to see which items may be given to someone else to use and to love.

Plan outings to arboretums and forest preserves. Enjoy God's world as you hike or ride your bikes in these beautiful surroundings.

Summer is a great time to slow down and enjoy God's beautiful world. Stopping to enjoy God's creation can lead to grateful hearts and hands willing to serve as stewards of God's creation!

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