July 2012

Bible Animals

Summer is a time of sun, no homework…..and bored kids.  Here’s an idea to try to chase away boredom and learn more about God’s Word at the same time:  Animals in the Bible.  Choose an animal, look to see if and how it is used in the Bible (there are lots of animals in the Bible!), research the animal, create art projects and games using the animal, and the best part….use the animal for devotions and to talk about God.

For example, sheep are referenced all over in the Bible.  Psalm 23 is about God being our shepherd.  In John 10, Jesus uses sheep to teach about himself—that he is the gate, that he is the Good Shepherd, that his sheep know him.  So, research sheep:  learn about their fleece, about their predators, about their living in community.  Visit a children’s farm or a zoo.  Make sheep crafts.  Use sheep verses as devotions for a week and talk about how we are like sheep but how Jesus is our shepherd.  Old Testament Jews used lambs as their sacrifice for their sins; Jesus is called the Lamb of God in John 1 and in Revelation.  Talk about how and why Jesus is the Lamb of God.

Another animal in the Bible is the lion.  Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  Research lions, visit them in the zoo, make lion crafts.  For devotions, use Daniel in the lion’s den, Samson, how David wasn’t afraid of Goliath because God had already helped him kill a lion while guarding sheep.  Link qualities of a lion to qualities in Jesus—why was Jesus called a lion?

Eagles are another cool animal to study.  Isaiah says the believers who wait for God will soar like eagles. Learn about eagle’s way of life, endangered species, flight, and talk about the picture Isaiah is painting for believers.

www.biblegateway.com is a great resource for finding specific places in the Bible that have these (and other) animals.  Type in the animal’s name, choose a Bible version, and the site will give references all through the Bible.  Use animals to chase away boredom, learn something new, and celebrate our God!

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