July 2015


Why is the sky blue? How do caterpillars become butterflies? How is electricity made? Why is the sea salty? Where do babies come from?

If your children asked questions, spark their interest by discovering together something great about how God made something. The great thing is that the adult can be a fellow learner who says, “You know, I have wondered about that same question. Here’s what I know, but let’s find out some things together.”  You can also choose to say, “Let’s open this up, see what’s inside, and figure out together how it works.” Exploring a “great thing” teaches everyone that you might not get answers, but you might get better questions.

We can also lead in discovery by sharing our gifts and our interests with our children.  If we have the gift of car repair, baking, gardening or carpentry, have your children at an early age be your assistants. Let them see you change a car’s oil. Bake some cookies together. Help them with their own garden. Let them wear their own tool belt.  If you don’t have those skills, introduce your children to other mentors who can share in raising your children to be curious, to be critical problem-solvers and to be wonderers.

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