June 2008

Reach Out if You're Bored!

This summer, every mom will hear these words at some time: "Mom, I'm bored. What can we do?" Here are some suggestions for when these words are said this summer.
  1. Offer to baby-sit for a mom of young children. Have your children plan out activities to do as the "baby-sitters."
  2. Bake cookies and deliver them in person to someone who might enjoy a visit. Or mail them with a note to someone living far away. Pray for the cookie recipients before baking and before delivery.
  3. Set up a memory notebook. Using the calendar, write down a few sentences for each day describing family activities. Have each child add artwork to the pages. Note prayers that have been asked and prayers that have been answered (and how God answered them).
  4. Send your children out looking for buried treasures using clues you've left behind. Bible verses can make meaningful (and conversation-starting) clues.
  5. Create an obstacle course. Have your children set up the course. Time everyone or video everyone going through the course.
  6. Camp out in the family room. The kids can be in charge of setting up the "tent" while the adults can be in charge of the "picnic snacks."

Hope you have a wonderful summer vacation!

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