June 2011

Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk

The motto WALK THE TALK has been around for quite a while. It has truth:  people around us do notice when our actions do or do not match our words.  It’s useful to remind ourselves as parents that our children watch what we do.  Our children do absorb our actions and often repeat them.  How we live should show our children what we believe about God.  But is walking the talk enough for our children’s spiritual development?

Our actions, as good and helpful as we try to be, are not enough on their own to point our children to Jesus.  Our children often don’t make the connection between our service acts to family members and to people outside our family with the reason we try to be good people.  That’s where TALK THE WALK is needed.  We need to explain to our children why we act as we do.  We must point out that the reason we try to be kind and helpful is not because we are good people or because we are earning our way to heaven.  We need to tell (and remind) our children that the reason behind the way we live is God’s love for us.

We also need to talk about our faith journey..  We teach our children by sharing when we have struggled, when we’ve had to make hard decisions, when God has been close and when He’s seemed far away, even when we’ve failed miserably. Talking about our own faith gives our children a context in which to grow in their own walk of faith.

Talking about why we live the way we do provides our children with the connection between our actions and God.  Talking gives our children the opportunity to absorb the greatness of God’s love and how we in turn want to show our love back to him.  The Christian family’s motto perhaps should be We WALK THE TALK but we also TALK THE WALK with our kids.

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