June 2012

Creating a Spiritual Legacy by Daniel Taylor

What is more important to leave to our heirs—our belongings or the wisdom we have gained through living?  Do you ever wish you knew more about the lives of your grandparents? How can we best leave a spiritual legacy to our children and grandchildren when we may not even be sure what our spiritual legacy is?  Daniel Taylor’s book Creating a Spiritual Legacy:  How to Share Your Stories, Values, and Wisdom provides practical guidance.

What is a spiritual legacy?  Taylor says it is “the passing of wisdom from one person to another, and such a legacy is the single most important thing you have to give to someone you love.”   It’s the passing on of your life experiences and what you have valued, loved, believed, acted upon to help shape someone else’s life.  Our legacy can point others to God in powerful ways.

What’s one way to leave a spiritual legacy?  Through stories!  We all love to listen to and to read stories and find the meaning within the story.  How?  Here’s where Taylor’s book jumps in to help.  Once he has defined the meaning and the importance of leaving a spiritual legacy, Taylor spends time giving practical ideas on how to find the wisdom we have gained and how to put this wisdom into story form.  He includes short exercises to help us flex our story-telling muscles and gives lots of stories as examples.  For the non-storyteller, he includes other options.  He concludes that preserving our spiritual legacy is a responsibility we all have to God—to testify and to pass down how he was worked in our lives.

Tell your life stories.  Write stories that impart the wisdom you have gained.  Bless others by sharing your spiritual legacy.  Dan Taylor’s book is a great start to this process!

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