May 2009

Raising Healthy Sons- Book Recommendation

Here is a great book for dads and moms of sons: Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons by Meg Meeker. (Regnery Publishing, Inc.: 2008) Meg Meeker is a Christian pediatrician and mother of four children. Her purpose for writing this book was that after treating adolescent boys and after seeking out research on child development, she wanted to re-affirm the vital role dads and moms play in nurturing our sons to becoming strong, confident men. Her book emphasizes the importance of parents and coaches them how to be strong fathers and mothers to their sons.

Our sons are daily faced with a toxic culture, so Dr. Meeker says that three things are essential in a boy's life. These are his relationships with his parents, his relationship with God, and his relationships with siblings and close friends. When these three areas are solid, a boy will grow strong, no matter what challenges are thrown at him.

What do parents need to do? Spend lots of time with sons. Boys need to see their fathers living life. Boys need to experience their own strength and learn how to harness it by watching their fathers using and controlling their own power. Boys need their mothers to teach them what love, feelings, and being connected to others looks like. Boys want their parents to teach them about God. Boys need their parents to maintain a safe family home

The pressures facing our boys are huge, but Dr. Meeker offers hope for each parent. She is convinced that we can raise boys to be healthy young men.

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