May 2004

Car Talk

Do you ever worry that you don't have enough time talking with your child about spiritual things? Try using time spent in the car. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Before you get into the car, pray that God will use this time in the car with your child as He best sees fit. Let your child take the lead in guiding conversation. Listen to what your child says and pray before you respond.

2. Try story-telling in the car. Tell a story from your childhood, perhaps when you were faced with a problem, big or small. Describe your feelings or worries and the choices you made. Include the relief or regrets that you had at the end. A great way to start is "I was just thinking about the time..."

Telling personal stories lets your child see how your faith has shaped who you are.

3. Try asking your child "Do you ever wonder about ...?" A general question just may lead to more questions about religious values and decision.

Short conversations while driving in your car may lead to some great religious discussions or they may simply be seeds left with your child to use in the future. Either way, God will use what you talk about in the car.

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