May 2005

Back to God Hour

Kids Corner is a children's radio and internet ministry of the Back to God Hour. What is the Back to God Hour? The Back to God Hour is the media arm of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. It seeks to reach the world with the gospel of God's love using radio, television, print, and the internet. Nine different languages are used to spread the good news of salvation.

If you are wondering about Christianity, have questions from your children that you aren't comfortable answering, or want to know more about becoming or being a Christian parent, try visiting the Back to God Hour website at

At this site, a daily devotional called Today is offered. There are also printed, monthly copies of Today available for daily devotions. The site also gives opportunities to find a local church, join a Bible Study Correspondence course, ask questions about Christianity, read a weekly message, or ask for prayer. Information about finding radio broadcasts is also available.

Being a Christian parent never means knowing all the answers. Christian parents do need resources for growth—growth in our own spiritual development so that we may better guide our children in their own Christian walk. The Back to God Hour website is a valuable resource for Christians. Check it out!

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