May 2006

Little Visit: Book Recommendation

Are you looking for a devotional to use with your young elementary aged children? Try one of the Little Visit books by Allan Hart Jahsmann and Martin P. Simon. I loved these devotionals as a child and now as a first grade teacher use them with my students. These devotional books for children and families have been around for many, many years but have been revised and updated recently.


Each little visit begins with a short Bible verse. The visit then goes on to tell a brief story about a child or children who experience something that their parents then relate to God. (It's truly wonderful that the parents in these books are always portrayed as being wise, willing to learn, and loving God). The visit next has a "Let's talk" section with several questions—including both factual and open-ended questions. The visit ends with a short prayer.

There are several titles in the Little Visits series. They include Little Visits for Families, Little Visits with God, Little Visits 365 Family Devotions, and Little Visits with Jesus. More information is available at, the website for Concordia Publishing House.

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