May 2008

Living God's Will: Book Recommendation.

Has your child ever asked you for help in making a choice, but you had no idea what answer to give? Making choices ranges from small—what shall I wear to school today?—to life–changing—where should I go to college? When our children seek out our advice, even if we don't always know the "answer" to give them, we can help them avoid the "Binary Trap."

Eddie Rasnake in his book Living God's Will: Reading and Applying God's Signs for Your Life (AMG Publishers, Chattanooga TN 2001) writes about this Binary Trap. Too often, he says, when we have a decision to make, we limit choices to only two options (hence the word "binary"). Our mindset becomes choosing either this or that.

Rasnake says that by limiting our choices, we don't allow for the possibility that God may have something else in mind for us. Why would we not allow for God's choice in our decision making? It is as simple as laying out the choices we see and then asking God if one of these choices is the best or if God has another option. When we refuse to limit ourselves to the options we can see and ask God for his choice, we are not only seeking God's will for our lives but also his wisdom.

So the next time your child has a decision to make, talk about the options—all the options. Allow room for yet another option that you don't yet know about: God's choice. Then pray for God's wisdom in making the decision.

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