May 2012


Parents need spiritual encouragement and biblical knowledge as they guide their children. Here is a new idea for personal devotions or for small group Bible studies.  Check out Infuse by Faith Alive Resources.  Infuse Bible studies are smaller books whose “aim is to help people discover where faith and life meet.  The power of truth is often in the details…and Infuse is full of them, packed with information and additional resources about the context and background of biblical stories.”  Each Infuse book was written so that the reader doesn’t have to already be a biblical expert or do lots of homework but instead be ready to ask questions and find answers.  Here are the titles available:

Acts:  Church on the Edge, Part One

Christmas:  Light Splits the Night

Colossians:  The New Old Perfectly Imperfect You

Esther:  Courage in a Complicated World

Jonah:  Fish, Flaws, and Forgiveness

Psalms:  My Sentiments Exactly

Matthew:  One King to Rule Them All

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