November 2004

Children Blessing Children

Celebrating God's blessings with our children is important and can be a fun family project. If you are looking for a way to help your children reach out to children in another part of the world, here is a suggestion.

Kids Corner is a part of an organization that sponsors children's ministry all over the world. Your family can bring Jesus to children with these gifts:

Many Children in Russia do not have a children's Bible or other Christian books. $4.00 will purchase and send a Bible from our follow-up office in St. Petersburg to a child somewhere in Russia.
$4.00 per Bible

A little girl in Indonesia was hospitalized for weeks after a traffic accident. Her mother read the Indonesian children's devotional KIDDY to her every day.
$9.00 per year

The Ark Clubhouse is an exciting television program for children who speak Spanish and Portuguese. These programs are produced in Brazil. The puppets they use get tired and wear out and need regular replacement.
$20.00 per puppet

Japanese children love the web. The Japanese website — — recently introduced special pages for children. Your gift will help maintain and expand the website.
$14.00 per day

Plans to produce a radio ministry for children in China have just begun. Your gift will make this new radio program become a reality and a blessing to the children of this vast nation.
$133.00 per minute

The Prince of Peace, an animated drama that tells the Christmas story will be broadcast to English-speaking audiences all over the world. Your gift will help pay the expenses of distribution to stations that air the program.
$30.00 per station

If you are interested in any of these gifts, please visit the Back to God Hour online store.

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