November 2005

The Home Team

If you are looking for ways to enhance the spiritual and emotional health of your family, here is a book to check out: The Home Team: Spiritual Practices for a Winning Family by Nate Adams. What is this book about? Adams poses this question: What does a healthy Christian family look like? He compares a healthy Christian family to a sports team that uses effective practice to train all its members. So, if we were to eavesdrop on this kind of family, what sorts of best practices would we observe? Here are some ideas:

Working together as a home team offers benefits to each family member. Choose a family project that uses teamwork. Some examples include yard work or cleaning out the garage. But don't make the project all work and no fun. Work that includes joyful fun and creative ideas is the best. Use a family project to model a Christ-centered work ethic by working hard and cheerfully. Finally, celebrate as a family when the project has been accomplished.

Playing together as a family should not be underestimated. Focus playing time on team building and not on competition between family members. Try to level the playing field to include all ages and abilities. Use play to model sportsmanship and pulling together as a team. Enjoy playing with the home team.

Working together and playing together as the home team strengthens our children but doesn't cost much beyond our time and participation. Enjoy trying these ideas for building a strong Christian family!

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