November 2007

Preparing for Adolescence: Book Recommendation

Are your children approaching the age of "adolescence"? Does that very word strike fear into your heart? You are not alone. James Dobson's book Preparing for Adolescence is written for pre-teens and their parents to show them how to navigate their way through all the possible pitfalls that can occur in the journey from being a child to being an adult.

Dobson writes that parents are like coaches. They can prepare their children for things that may happen and how to react. Parents can teach, rehearse, practice responses and then they have to send their children out into the world. Parents are the best teachers because they have survived adolescence and have valuable insights into the feelings and problems that occur.

The book addresses various potential problems: Self-esteem and struggling with feelings of inferiority. Conformity and peer pressure and cultivating the courage to be a leader in saying "No." Changes in boys'/girls' bodies and the reasons behind the changes. Emotions and feeling everything so strongly—including questions about being in love and who am I?

The book is written from the perspective that if we work to prepare our children for this journey of adolescence, they can navigate its challenges successfully. The book stresses God as the maker of everything and as our personal friend who can be counted on—even during adolescence.

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