October 2005

Eating Together

If you are looking for ways to enhance the spiritual and emotional health of your family, here is a book to check out: The Home Team: Spiritual Practices for a Winning Family by Nate Adams. What is this book about? Adams poses this question: What does a healthy Christian family look like? He compares a healthy Christian family to a sports team that uses effective practice to train all its members. So, if we were to eavesdrop on this kind of family what sorts of best practices would we observe?


Adams says one best practice is that of a family eating together. However, just eating in the same room is not the best practice, it is talking and sharing the day's events with each other. If general questions like "How was your day?" generate one-word "fine" answers, Adams has a suggestion. Start a new practice that each person (adults included) must describe something that happened that day in detail and answer any questions.

Telling stories of our day not only keeps parents in the know about their children's lives, it also gives parents powerful modeling opportunities. If, in their daily stories, the adults are always right, always happy, always rewarded for doing right, and always strong, children may become discouraged at such seeming perfection. But if these stories include real worry and adult imperfections, the adults can demonstrate their daily dependence upon God's power and how they handle lousy situations in their lives. Children can learn so much from their parents' daily stories.

Sharing our daily stories together at family meals is a best practice that families can implement without costing them much time or money. Bon apetit!

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