October 2007

Passionate Praying

Are you in a rut praying for and with your children? Here are some ideas that may help renew your passion for praying for your family. Lucinda Norman writes "8 Tips on Praying for Your Children" in Pray! Issue #4 Jan/Feb 1998 and offers these suggestions:

  1. Tell your children that you do pray for them. Remind them that God knows them by name. Talk specifically about what you pray for each child.
  2. Tell your children that you will gladly pray for what is worrying them or their friends. Write down their prayer requests in a notebook to remind yourself to pray. Then also write down how a prayer request was answered.
  3. Pray for wisdom and insight. When you are praying for your children or their requests, you know that you may not know the whole picture—but God does. As you pray, as for God's wisdom in the situation and ask for his perspective and his answers.
  4. Try setting a daily time to pray for you children. Whether it's right after you brush your teeth or with your first cup of coffee. Set up a daily routine.

Prayer has more benefits for both the "prayer" and the "prayee" than words can truly describe. If you want more information about praying for your family, check out www.praymag.com.

Praying scriptural blessings will enrich your prayers for your children and bless your children. This month Kids Corner is offering parents this bookmark as a special gift. If you would like us to send it to you, please email click here and ask for the prayer bookmark for parents. You'll be glad that you did!

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