September 2004

Moms In Touch

Whether our children are in public, private, Christian, or home schools, the need for prayer for our children and for those who teach them is vital. Twenty years ago, Moms In Touch International was created for this reason.

Moms in Touch is an organization whose focus is prayer groups. These groups are formed to encourage mothers and others to pray for their children and their schools on a regular basis. Groups address various situations including working moms, home-schooling moms, preschool moms, and moms of special needs children. Each group consists of 2 or more mothers who commit to praying together for one hour each week for their children, the schools they attend, and for the teachers and administrators.

The website has information about finding, joining or starting a group. The website also offers examples of groups' experiences with prayer, newsletters, and resources for groups to use. Devotional offerings include Every Child Needs a Praying Mom and Prayers from a Mother's Heart/Journal.

Moms in Touch was created to fill a need for prayer for children as they attend school. It has turned into an exciting adventure for praying moms. For more information, check out the website

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