September 2006

Busy Moms Praying

Busy days full of kids' schedules….to-do lists that never get finished…..unexpected crises…..delays….traffic. Families are so busy that prayer often gets nudged off the radar. How can a busy mom find time to pray if she doesn't have a half-hour or an hour alone during the day?

Here are some ideas from fellow moms. Cheri Fuller writes in "The Busy Woman's Guide To Prayer." (, March/April 2004) that she noticed how often the prayers prayed by people in the Bible are short, powerful, and bring amazing results. She had been discouraged that she didn't have huge amounts of time to devote to prayer so she resolved to pray through each day with lots of short prayers. She prays Bible verses such as "I will say about the Lord. You are my place of safety. Thank you for keeping me safe today as I….." (Psalm 92: 2). She uses visual cues to remind herself to pray. As she passes her child's bedroom, she prays about her child. Another idea is to write a list of things to pray about and then pray about one each day.

Julie Baker writes in "No Time for God?" ( July/,August, 2001) that Jesus gave the best example. His life was crowded, demanding, busy, but He regularly left it all to go to be alone with God. She recommends, no matter how many things need to get done, that moms regularly make appointments with God, to exercise, to be alone. She says that ignoring our spiritual/physical/emotional needs leads to running on empty. She also stresses praying short prayers through the day and says that different seasons of our lives bring different levels of busyness. Prayer is not another "to-do item," it is connecting with our Father—who can't wait to hear from us and is faithful to hear and to answer our prayers!

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