September 2010

Back to School

Back to school!  This phrase is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  For some children, school means the opportunity to shine and to be recognized for achievement, while for other children, school means struggling and failing on a regular basis.  How can you support the child who does not flourish in a school setting?

The website has an article called “Know Your Smarts!” that may help.  The online article first talks about Howard Gardener’s work with multiple intelligences (how individuals have different areas of intelligence—not all of which are valued equally in a school setting).  The article then has a quiz to determine areas of smarts and preferred ways to learn.  Everyone in the family takes the quiz by ranking a list of activities in terms of preferences.  The quiz comes in two formats:  one for younger children and one for older children through adults to use.  After the quizzes have been completed, use the preferred learning styles to talk about similarities and differences within your family.  The information can also be used to encourage children who perceive themselves as not smart in school.

For more information, check out Nurture Kids Faith website or  For more information on multiple intelligences, check out  Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Thomas Armstrong (2009) or Multiple Intelligences:  New Horizons by Howard Gardener (2006).

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