September 2011

Home Grown by Karen DeBoer

September….back to school….church life gearing up again for another season….a renewed commitment to nurturing our children and their faith. Here’s a resource for either personal devotions or for small groups: Home Grown: A Handbook for Christian Parenting by Karen DeBoer. DeBoer’s book is geared to “giving parents practical, real-world advice about how to help their kids know and love God.” The author says that research suggests that the most important place that children learn about God is in the home and that the biggest influence on children’s faith development is the parent. But how? It’s a huge responsibility!.

The book uses the questioning approach and offers more than 100 questions and answers for Christian parents. Some questions include: How can I help my kids trust God when they’re worried things will happen? How do I explain things like death and divorce? Is it okay that we don’t have family devotions? DeBoer’s chapter titles include Setting Boundaries, Showing Grace; Daily Details, Special Celebrations; Challenges and Transitions; and Time, Talents, Tithes. A companion study guide (7 sessions) can be used by a small group. A DVD is also offered with real-life parents discussing common family questions and dilemmas.

Deuteronomy tells us to make God part of our everyday life—every day. Home Grown offers practical and Biblical advice to Christian parents. For more information about Home Grown and its accompanying resources, visit

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