Justice-Seeking: Fighting the need to lie.


Saying the memory verse together at suppertime will imprint it on the hearts of your children forever.

Psalm 31:18

Let the lying lips be put to silence.


There are a lot of lies in this story. But the temptation to lie is an ever present reality in real life too. Did you drive faster than the posted speed limit? Or how about your excuse for being late—truth (I just didn’t get started early enough) or lie (there was a crash that slowed down traffic)? We use little lies to excuse our laziness, or bad habits. We use big lies to cover up bad behavior, or to fool someone into liking us (even if who we are portraying to them is not who we really are). The need to lie comes from our pride or from fear.  But the Bible tells us that God does not like lying, in fact it says that God detests it (Proverbs 12:22).

It’s surprising how quickly even small children lie to cover up something that they did. How do we teach them to tell the truth? By gently and consistently insisting on truth telling in your home. You tell them the truth, and you expect them to tell you the truth. Let your home be a truth zone and your children will learn to tell the truth.


How well did you listen to the story?

Q. What does S. F. L. stand for?
A. Smoke Free Lizards.

Q. Who was the special speaker for the SFL meetings?
A. Cole.

Q. Who put cigarettes in Cole’s bag?
A. Spike.

Q. Who did Liz say did it?
A. Scooter.

Q. Why did Cole feel so strongly about smoking?
A. Because his grandfather was in the hospital because of his smoking.


This question is meant to help the children develop a biblical understanding of God, who He is and what He does. The "answer" is not meant for parents to read to their children. Rather its purpose is to assist parents in guiding the conversation to this biblical understanding. We encourage you to use an open Bible in this conversation, building biblical literacy and well as a biblical theology.


Why does God dislike lying so much?


Read John 8:44. Here Jesus says that Satan is a liar and calls him the father of lies. When we lie we are following Satan instead of God. We are not being the kind of people that God calls us to be. Colossians 3: 9-10 are good verses to remember – “Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” 


Think back over the past few days. Have you told a lie? Can you tell the person you lied to and ask for their forgiveness? Don’t forget to pray and ask God to forgive you too. 1 John 1: 9 tells us that when we confess our sins, God will forgive us.
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