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Community Building – Tell jokes that make people laugh together!


Saying the memory verse together at suppertime will imprint it on the hearts of your children forever.

Ephesians 4:29

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.


In our story today, the kids explore what makes something funny. How do we intentionally help our children to develop their sense of humor? Don’t forget we need to have fun while building that sense of humor!

In your household, encourage smiling, laughter and play. Your house, your church and your child’s classroom should be places that bring out simple joy. When your child asks why something is funny, explain it to them. Don’t forget that the funny knock-knock jokes or riddles that your child makes up is his/her way of exploring humor. Give it a laugh! Don’t forget that your child will have to listen and suffer through your jokes too.

Children learn from adults, and many sarcastic people are parents and teachers. We are sarcastic to children, but we don’t like it when children are sarcastic back to us. Sarcasm is not humor.  Putdowns are public attacks. And in this episode, humor is used to hurt other people. Something isn’t funny when it’s used as a weapon. Humor is so different for so many people, so that’s an extra challenge for children not to offend or be offended. Don’t let your child get away with “I was only joking”.

An important lesson is that manners are needed alongside humor.  They have to learn that joking has its time and place, how to use it and what’s appropriate. Yes, you can talk about humor seriously.

Don’t forget that humor is a community building activity. We laugh harder together than when we are alone. Have fun and play together as a family. Give your child lots of good memories of silly adults with smiles and laughter.


How well did you listen to the story?

Q. On what day is the big talent show?
A. The show is next Friday.

Q. Liz wants to play for the LBA. What does LBA stand for?
A. It stands for Lizard Basketball Association.

Q. What kind of act is Tommy Twotoad doing?
A. He’s juggling.

Q. Why is Grandpa’s neighbor not cutting his lawn?
A. His neighbor broke his own leg.

Q. At what time does Spike call Liz?
A. He calls him at 3 AM.


This question is meant to help the children develop a biblical understanding of God, who He is and what He does. The "answer" is not meant for parents to read to their children. Rather its purpose is to assist parents in guiding the conversation to this biblical understanding. We encourage you to use an open Bible in this conversation, building biblical literacy and well as a biblical theology.


Did Jesus ever laugh? Check out Luke 10:21; Matt 19:14; Matt 11: 16-19.


Luke 10:21 21 At that same time, Jesus felt the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit, and he said: My Father, Lord of heaven and earth, I am grateful that you hid all this from wise and educated people and showed it to ordinary people. Yes, Father, that is what pleased you.

Here Jesus “felt the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit”.

Matt. 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Little children want to be around this preacher. That’s a good sign.

We also know that he had great love for his disciples, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Love can cause smiles.

And Jesus liked to be with other people. He talked a lot about wedding feasts, and did his first miracle at one. He ate and drank with the “sinners”, and the Pharisees tried to use it against him. In Matthew 11:16 – 19, Jesus said, “You people are like children sitting in the market and shouting to each other, ‘We played the flute, but you would not dance! We sang a funeral song, but you would not mourn!’ John the Baptist did not go around eating and drinking, and you said, ‘That man has a demon in him!’  But the Son of Man goes around eating and drinking, and you say, “That man eats and drinks too much! He is even a friend of tax collectors and sinners.” Yet Wisdom is shown to be right by what it does.”

Did Jesus laugh? He sure did.


Find a joke at which everyone can laugh. Tell it to your parents, your siblings, and your friends. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and others will tell a joke back to you.
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