Walk the Way


Community-Building: Fighting against pride.


Saying the memory verse together at suppertime will imprint it on the hearts of your children forever.

Proverbs 11:2

When pride comes, then comes disgrace but with humility comes wisdom.


Pride is included in the list of the seven deadly sins. Some think it is the root of all sin. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung writes,

In the Christian tradition from Saint Augustine onward, pride was taken to be the origin of all other sin. It was also taken to be the . . . root or trunk of the tree of vices. Although we may think of pride as lording it over other people, Augustine and others thought of pride as an attempt to take God's place. Pride makes us want to "play God" -to be the one who determines what happiness and goodness is, and to be the one with the power to provide it. In short, pride leads us to resist and deny our dependence on God. By contrast, with the virtue of humility, we gratefully acknowledge our dependence on God. (The Seven Deadly Sins: A Survival Guide, ©2007, Faith Alive Christian Resources, Grand Rapids, MI, p.17.)

She concludes, "Pride is the root of the seven deadly sins; the practice of humility is its opposite (p.17). This brings to mind 1 Peter 5:5 (Peter quoting Proverbs 3:34). "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

Why does God oppose the proud? Because it separates us from God. Instead of a loving, dependent relationship with God, we prefer to depend on ourselves. But when we walk the way of Jesus, we humbly depend on God for direction and strength to follow where he leads. And then we become wise-wise to the ways of God and to the motivations and temptations of our lives.


How well did you listen to the story?

Q. What event does the band audition for?
A. The Terrene Community Festival.

Q. What instrument does Scooter play?
A. The bass guitar.

Q. How did Scooter get the band to let him in the band?
A. He blackmails them-if they let him play, he'll get them an audition for the festival.

Q. How did they try to trick Scooter?
A. They turned down the amplification on his guitar so he couldn't be heard when the band plays.

Q. Why did Morrie go from high school back to sixth grade?
A. His high test scores were a mistake.


This question is meant to help the children develop a biblical understanding of God, who He is and what He does. The "answer" is not meant for parents to read to their children. Rather its purpose is to assist parents in guiding the conversation to this biblical understanding. We encourage you to use an open Bible in this conversation, building biblical literacy and well as a biblical theology.


Why does pride bring disgrace?


Because when we are proud, we are relying on ourselves. We act as if we can direct the events of our lives. But we really can't. Only God can be in charge of our lives. So, we must reject pride, and humbly follow his direction.


How did Liz and his friends get caught in the sin of pride?


Liz thought he could make the band sound good enough to win the audition by silencing Scooter's guitar. Scooter thought he could get in the band with a little blackmail. Morrie thought the fact that he was in high school made him too good for the band. In all these cases disgrace followed pride-Liz's band sounded terrible when his plan for silencing Scooter didn't work; Scooter harmed his relationship with Liz by trying to blackmail his way into the band; and Morrie discovered that he was only in high school because of a mistake, not because he was smarter than everyone else.


Can you think of a time that pride motivated your actions? What happened? Pray about this and ask God to forgive your sin of pride and to help you depend on him instead of yourself.
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