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Summer “I’m Bored” List

Summer “I’m Bored” List

Moms and Dads...if you are looking ways to inspire your children without having to perspire too much, take a look at our Summer "I'm Bored" List. It's got lots of creative and encouraging suggestions to build up your child's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as your child explore's God's world and God's word this summer!

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Summer Fun Bible Activity Book

Transform your boring summer afternoons or day long car trips into fun filled experiences with challenging word searches, fun biblical activities, and enjoyable coloring pages! This KC Summer Fun book  has lots of fun brain-busting Bible puzzles for you to figure out. There are also coloring pages that connect together to tell the Biblical story of God's rescue plan for His people. Try it on your own or challenge your parents to see if they can figure things out!


Check out the Kids Corner Sketch Book with all your favorite Kids Corner’s characters to draw and color. Make your best version of Grandpa Anole, Granny Gecko, Lucille and all the gang. There’ll be some drawing of our good friend Liz Lacerta too. Not to mention Cole Hoyt! So click below to download and print off your free Kids Corner Sketch Book.

And while you are at it, look inside and check out our upcoming episode previews!  Fourteen Kids Corner episodes for you to enjoy! 

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