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Christmas Coupon Book

Christmas Coupon Book

The Kids Corner coupon book is a great gift for kids to give to friends and family. Create your own “Promise Coupons,” and have fun giving thoughtful gifts of service this Christmas season.  

With a smile, share the coupon book and then use the coupons to show how to keep a promise. Think about what gifts your friends or family members might enjoy. Maybe your mom would enjoy breakfast in bed. Or, maybe your brother would appreciate you doing his chores for a week. As you fill out these coupons, be creative and make promises you can keep.

Check out Kids Corner’s favorite Christmas Episodes “The Christmas List Mystery,” “Wreck the Halls,” and “Beyond Belief.”

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Gifts of Kindness Advent Calendar and Devotional

We can’t wait for December 25th to come!

Throughout the Old Testament, God's people waited excitedly for the Messiah. Today, we know that the Messiah has already come, that he was born two thousand years ago in a dusty stable in Bethlehem. But as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas Day, we also excitedly wait, like God's people in the Old Testament.

In fact, the weeks leading up to Christmas are a special time for God's people to join together in anticipation of Christ's birth. This time is called Advent. We at Kids Corner hope this “Gifts of Kindness” Advent calendar activity and devotional will help you not only count down the days until Christmas, but also prepare your hearts for the greatest of gifts, Jesus Christ.

This year, Advent starts on Sunday, December 3rd. Included in this Advent calendar activity are 22 dated ornaments (one for each day of Advent) and 5 family devotionals.

Each Sunday: Read the week's devotional together and reflect on the importance of giving kindness and serving others. On Christmas day, read the special bonus devotional!

Each day: Commit to giving one “Gift of Kindness” to someone in your life. Write the gift of kindness on that day's ornament and hang the ornament on a string, your Christmas tree, or the wall. Invite your whole family to join you in giving daily gifts of kindness.

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