Get Out of Line

Get Out of Line

What’s God calling you to do today? Check out this song inviting you to be a servant.

On the Same Page

God is in Control

God has a plan and takes care of His creation. Download and listen!

God's Kind of Hero

God's Kind of Hero

What is a hero? Here's "God's Kind of Hero."

Heaven Came to Earth

Heaven Came to Earth

Here's a great Christmas song to share!

Junk Food Junkies

Junk Food Blues

You may love junk food, but your body doesn’t have a spare. Check out this song about keeping fit.

Don't Judge A Book . . .

Just Different

Let's give each other some grace! Check out this song about loving my neighbor.

Heart of Grace

Leap of Faith Song

Download this song from one of Kids Corner's favorite episodes, Heart of Grace. Watch the video at

70 Times 7

Let it Go!

Check out this song about forgiving and kindness! It's a Kids Corner original from a long time ago and not from the famous movie.

Little Sins Grow

Little Sins Grow

Small decisions make a big, big difference. When it’s right or wrong, you choose.

Change of Plans

Mess Up Fess Up

Do you have a plan to follow God's plan? Here's a Kids Corner song about trusting God.

Never Stop Lovin

Never Stop Lovin

God Will Never Stop Loving You. Put your worries aside.


Not Follow No Lie

A song for discerning the truth about who to follow!

Honor Your Father

Payin' My Rents

Download this song about giving respect!

Que los dichos de mi boca

Que los dichos de mi boca

¡Esta canción es acerca usar palabras de bondad, gracia y amor!

Reach the World

Reach the World

Reach the world with the Word that God has spoken!

Route 32

Route 32

Ever been on a road trip? Travel Route 32. It's the road that leads to Christ.

Running In Circles

Running in Circles

Hear this song about God leading you today!

Radio Daze

Scooter Radio Special

Scooter is rockin' WLZR with some of the best Christian music around!

Liz and Jonah

See It My Way

With a little change in our own attitudes, we see people the way Christ sees them.

Somebody's Got To Do It

Somebody's Got To Do It

It's a dirty job, but some lizard's got to do it. A song from Kids Corner.



No little crack in the sidewalk can hurt you, or your mom, or anybody else. God is in control. Listen to this song about false superstitions.

Walk the Way

Walk in the Way of Love

It’s more than talk. It’s the way you walk.

What a Friend

What a Friend

Here's a favorite: What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Enjoy this Kids Corner version.

Morrie the Samaritan

What Would Jesus Do?

How do you make good choices? Check out this song about doing just that!

Yeah, Whatever

Who Cares?

Here's a song about learning to serve others. Download it for free.

Fuzzy Focus

Who You Are

From Fuzzy Focus: What we do and who we are reflect God to all around us. Check out Who We Are, a song about being created in God's image.

Que los dichos de mi boca

Words of My Mouth

Here's a song about saying words of kindness, grace and love!

You'll Get Your Turn

You'll Get Your Turn

Don’t get puffed up or swell-headed. Just thank Him for His blessings. When the time is right, He’ll give you a chance to shine.