Kids in Action During Covid 19

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Send us an email at before you start. In your email, provide your name or the name of a contact person, contact information, and a short description of the story. Questions?

Video Tips: What Kids Corner is Looking For.

  1. Video your children narrating about how they are doing God’s work. Have them explain it for the video. Film it two or three times. Ask your child to introduce themselves by saying “Hi! My name is (their name) and I... (then she/he would explain what they are doing). 
  2. Then show your child doing their best work. Record the scenes and interactions that are available. Take photos as well. 
  3. Share a favorite Bible verse that reflects why they are doing what they are doing. Film them reading or saying the verse to the camera. 
  4. Maybe ask them to recreate a few scenes (you can call it acting!). 
  5. Don't worry about the footage order. We'll do some editing. Lots of footage would be appreciated. 

How to Send the Video

  1. First, download this form, sign, scan (or snap a photo on your phone), and email to We can't do anything with the video you send unless there is a release form.
  2. You can try to email the footage to, but if the file is too big or you encounter any other issues, you can use We Transfer instead. 
  3. Deadline for submissions is 5 pm, Wednesday April 29, 2020.