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  • 10 Commandments Bookmark

    10 Commandments Bookmark

    This bookmark will be a handy reminder of God’s rules for living godly lives.


  • No Idols

    No Idols

    Do people worship idols today? Lucille finds out when she gets caught up in frenzy over a band called “Skin Deep.”

    Terrene Episode

  • No Other Gods

    No Other Gods

    Does wishing on a charm make Liz and Spike the most popular kids in school? Grandpa decides to teach the kids a lesson "Elijah style".

    Terrene Episode

  • It's Called Murder

    It's Called Murder

    What does murder mean? Liz is sure that he’s never murdered anyone, but he needs some help figuring out the sixth commandment on this episode of Kids Corner.

    Terrene Episode

  • Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    Liz, Lucille, and Scooter all try to be perfect—and they all fail. Scooter now thinks that God might just give up on him. Is Scooter right?

    Terrene Episode

  • Homepage

    Follow the excitement with “Liz” and his pals in these weekly audio adventures for kids. Great Messages wrapped-up in fun stories!

  • PAT Answers

    PAT Answers

    Chamy unveils her latest invention. Introducing the Positronic Affirmation Transmitter! Will it solve Chamy’s latest problem? And how exactly does it mess up Liz’s batting practice?

    Terrene Episode

  • Foul Ball

    Foul Ball

    Liz is desperate to catch the homerun-record-breaking baseball! What's Liz willing to do for this treasure?

    Terrene Episode

  • There's An Ape for That

    There's An Ape for That

    Getting back at a bully only seems fair, right? Not according to the Bible. Three friends find out why it’s important to treat others the way they’d want to be treated.

    Terrene Episode