Kids Corner uses drama and music in a 30-minute format to ignite interest in the Bible and to disciple children as life-long followers of Jesus.

Latest Episodes


Make A Difference!

The kids come face to face with the worst villain in Terrene history. And one character has a very important decision to make. Does this change Terrene forever?


Seek and Find

Liz unconscious in the hospital? Evildoers planning to destroy Terrene? A mystery in Grandpa’s barn? What can Lucille, Morrie and Spike do now?


Lost and Alone

Grandpa’s news shocks Liz and the gang. What can Liz do as things go from bad to worse?


Smoke and Fire

The town of Terrene is in real trouble. Business are shutting down, and folks are moving away. What’s going to happen to Liz and his friends? Can the town be saved?