Kids Corner uses drama and music in a 30-minute format to ignite interest in the Bible and to disciple children as life-long followers of Jesus.

Latest Episodes

Leap of Faith Song

Heart of Grace

What’s wrong with Chamy? Why is she crying? Lucille finds out and learns a lesson about being a friend. Also, a special treat: the KC song “Leap of Faith”!

An Exceptional Experiment

An Exceptional Experiment

Chamy chooses to study Liz to discover how to live the Christian life. Can Liz show Chamy how to live out the Bible in all he does?

PAT Answers

PAT Answers

Chamy unveils her latest invention. Introducing the Positronic Affirmation Transmitter! Will it solve Chamy’s latest problem? And how exactly does it mess up Liz’s batting practice?


Chamy's Catastrophe

Chamy is desperate to find a solution to her family’s problems. Can Liz and Lucille help her fix things or do they need to stop her before things get worse?