A Few Good Lizards

Liz and Lucille think they will have no problem finding 50 good people in Terrene, but as they meet with friends and family, they find it is not as easy as they thought.

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Episode Theme: Grace.

1. Romans 3:23-24 says, “God treats us much better than we deserve, and because of Christ Jesus, he freely accepts us and sets us free from our sins.” Why do you think God treats us this way?

2. In Genesis 18:16-33 God is going to destroy the city of Sodom because there are so many evil people living there. Abraham asks God if he will save the city if Abraham can find 50 good people there. God agrees. Abraham keeps asking, until God agrees to save the city even if Abraham can only find 10 good people. Of course, you probably know that this city was destroyed. There were not even 10 good people there. Think about the good people God might find in your city as you listen to today’s episode.

Memory Verse

“All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. But God treats us much better than we deserve, and because of Christ Jesus, he freely accepts us and sets us free from our sins.”

Romans 3:23-24
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After You Listen

In this episode, Liz and Lucille had a hard time finding 50 good people. After a while, they discovered that being good doesn’t come from what you do—it comes from who God is.

What about you? Are you good enough for God to save you? That’s a trick question! No one is good enough for God! Romans 3:23 says that everyone has sinned. And no one can be good enough for God's glory. Every one of us deserves the same punishment as Sodom. But that isn’t where Romans ends! It also says, the free gift of God's grace makes all of us right with him. Jesus paid the price to set us free. So God forgives the sins of those who have faith in Christ's blood. Are you good enough for God? If you believe in Jesus, the answer is YES!

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Why couldn’t Liz put these people on the list: Spike? Morrie? Chamy? Mrs. Monitor?


Spike tried to deceive the clerk at the video store; Morrie didn't keep his promise to Liz; Chamy was looking for fame and fortune; Mrs. Monitor was impatient with Mrs. Trollscales.


Why didn't Grandpa and Granny want to be on their list?


They knew that without Jesus they couldn't be good.


Why did Liz and Lucille have to take themselves off the list?


They ended up in an argument.


Can anyone be good? How?


Yes, they can when they belong to Jesus.

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The Romans Road to Salvation is a way of explaining the good news of salvation using verses from the book of Romans. It is a simple yet powerful method of explaining why we need salvation, how God provided salvation, how we can receive salvation, and what are the results of salvation.

Look up and have each person in the family memorize a verse or two of the Romans Road. Take turns saying your verses in its order.

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23

Romans 5:8

Romans 10:9

Romans 5:1


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