Heroes Part 3: A Hero Stands By

How is Liz going to prove that he is a hero if no one will give him a chance? Liz needs to find a way!

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Episode Theme: All kingdom tasks are valuable, no matter the size.

1. In 1 Samuel 30:24, David is talking about the roles of soldiers in his army. Why do you think those who only watched the supplies received as much reward as those who fought and won the battle?

2. When King David and his army returned from a series of battles, they discovered that their homes had been raided (1 Samuel 30:1-25). Their families and all that they owned had been taken away. David and his men set off to catch the robbers. But 200 of the men were too tired to go on. David told them to stay with the supplies while he, and the rest of the soldiers, continued on. They found the enemy and fought a long battle. David’s army was able to rescue all the families and get back all the stuff. When they returned to where the 200 men were watching the supplies, David offered those men an equal share in the plunder. The men who had fought were angry because they’d done all the work. But David explained that the credit for their victory should go to the Lord. He said that all who played a role, no matter how small, would be rewarded. Think about what it means to be faithful in small things as you listen to today’s story.

Memory Verse

“Soldiers who stay behind to guard the camp get as much as those who go into battle.”

1 Samuel 30:24
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After You Listen

In this episode, Liz had to learn that all jobs are important when they’re done for the Lord.

The Bible is full of histories of men and women who did amazing things. But the Lord makes it clear that all of them were rewarded for their faith—not for what they did. They trusted God, and that is what made them successful. In Colossians 3:17, the apostle Paul writes that whatever we do, no matter how small, should be done for the Lord. Later, in the same chapter (verse 23), he says that we should do everything as though we were working for the Lord.

Want to dig deeper into God’s Word to learn about living by faith? Read Hebrews 11:7; Hebrews 11:8 and Hebrews 11:24-27.

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Name the rap-talking lizard that Liz and the kids meet.




Name the leader of all the relief workers.




What did Chamy find attached to Liz’s travel bag?


A note for Liz.


What did it say?


“You are an inspiration.”

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Do you have your cape from the last episodes? If not, make one out of fabric or paper. Now it's time to add another symbol! Today Liz learned that true heroes are willing to do any job, because all jobs for God are important. Design a symbol that shows that all jobs are important. Be creative! Try out a few designs before you choose one. You can draw it onto a paper cape, or if you have a fabric cape, you can use fabric markers or cut out your design on paper and pin it to your cape. Leave some room, though, because there are three more episodes to come


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