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When Connor Gecko, Granny’s grandfather, is honored at a special town celebration, anonymous notes to the Terrene Gazette cast suspicion on the war hero's stories.

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Episode Theme: True Heroes

1. Psalm 15:5 says, “Whoever does these things will never be shaken.” ” Have you ever felt “shaken” in your faith? What helped you to be firm in your faith?

2. Have you ever heard the story of Daniel? Daniel was a young Israelite man who grew up to be a hero. He and some of his friends were taken from Israel to Babylon, away from their family and their people. After Daniel made himself valuable to the king, some people grew to hate him. They wanted to see harm come to him. They tricked King Darius into making it illegal to pray to anyone except him—it was even illegal to pray to God. Anyone who broke the law would be thrown into the lions’ den.

But Daniel was always faithful to God. When the time for prayer came, Daniel obediently took out his prayer mat and began to pray to God, knowing that this might bring his death. When Daniel’s enemies reported him, the king had no choice but to follow the law he had made, and so he threw Daniel to the lions. God was with Daniel, however, and closed the mouths of the lions. Daniel survived, and then those who plotted against him were thrown into the den. You can read this story in Daniel 6. Think about how Daniel’s commitment to God guided all his actions and brought honor to the Lord as you listen to today’s program.

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“Whoever does these things will never be shaken.”

Psalm 15:5
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In this episode, Liz finds out the truth about his hero. Do you have a hero? What is it about him or her that attracts you? Some of the people looked at as “heroes” today live lives that are less than heroic. That can make us forget what makes someone a true hero in God’s eyes. Real heroes are people who maintain their faith even when life hands them a bad deal. They choose to trust in God and believe in his promises even when everything in their lives defies such optimism.

Can others look to you as their hero? Does your life have a positive influence for Christ? Everything that’s good about you—all the good that you are and do—is only because of God’s grace and power in your life. Pray for God to bring true heroes of faith into your life. Try to live your life in a way that others can look at you as an example of a hero.

Want to dig deeper about heroes? Read Hebrews 11

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What was the name of Granny Gecko’s grandfather?


Connor Gecko


Who was assigned to write a newspaper article about him?




What did Connor do that the town was celebrating?


He was a war hero in the Great Snake War


Was Connor happy about the celebration?




What did he do to try to stop the celebration?


He sent anonymous notes to the paper claiming that Connor was a fraud

Next Question


Do you have a hero? Is it someone God would consider a hero? Think about the Bible’s heroes, and think of godly people in your family and your church. Who do you think you could consider a hero? Take out some paper and draw some boxes like a comic strip. Can you make a comic strip about one of these heroes? What would they say and do? What would their superpower be (faith, prayer, self control, obedience etc.)? Share your comic strip with your family and tell them why you think that person is a great hero. Be more like your hero this week!


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