Foul Ball

Liz is desperate to catch the homerun-record-breaking baseball! What's Liz willing to do for this treasure?

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Episode Theme: Where's your heart?

1. What is your treasure? Do you have an important collection? A favorite hobby? A favorite celebrity? A sport you play or follow? Matthew 6:19-21 reminds us that treasures in heaven are safer than treasures on earth. Here on earth, a thief might steal your collection, or your role model might cheat; you might lose a championship, or your favorite show might be cancelled. Do you worry about your treasure?

2. 2 Kings 5 tells the story of Elisha healing an important man named Naaman. Naaman wanted to pay him for the miracle, but Elisha knew it had come from God and didn’t accept any treasure. Elisha’s servant Gehazi, however, went back to Naaman and made up a lie to get the payment for himself. How do your treasures affect your actions?

Memory Verse

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

Matthew 6:21
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In this episode, Grandpa Anole reminds Liz of the story of David, who started thinking more about his own fame and strength than God’s commandments.

The prophet Ezekiel warned another king about the dangers of treasures. God blessed the king of Tyre with a good business sense to trade well and create wealth for the kingdom. The king, however, soon grew to love the gold and jewels more than he loved God and his people. In Ezekiel 28:11-19, Ezekiel told the king that God was going to take away not only all of his treasure, but even his life!

God gives you good gifts to enjoy and share with others. However, you must be careful not to make those things your treasure. Look at the gifts God has given you. Are they making you into a better friend, or are they making you proud?

Want to dig deeper and learn about God’s gifts? Check out James 1:17, 1 Peter 4:10 and Matthew 7:7.

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Who was Liz excited about seeing in the ballgame?


Dizzy Snodgrass.


Who caught the record-breaking home run ball?


Liz and Morrie.


Why did Dizzy get in trouble after the game?


Someone noticed that his bat was tampered with and illegal.


What prevented Liz from getting seriously hurt when he fell?


He landed in a garbage dumpster


What was Liz’s treasure?


His treasure was Dizzy and the homerun ball.

Next Question


Make a misplaced item treasure hunt for someone in your family.

For example, take a fork from the silverware drawer. In the silverware drawer where the fork belongs, put a screwdriver. Where the screwdriver belongs, put a toothbrush. Where the toothbrush belongs, put an apple. Where the apple belongs, put a stuffed animal. Continue as long as you have ideas. Put a Bible as the last item to remind you that it is the greatest treasure.

Give the “hunter” the first item (the fork) and tell them to put it away. As they put away each misplaced item, the clues should lead them to the next, and eventually lead them to God’s Word!


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