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In church, Liz discovers Kayla Leon, a fantastic new singer, and he decides to become her manager. Can Liz show her how to be a Christian performer or is Kayla now Terrene’s new diva?

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Episode Theme: If Christians are to be a reflection of the person of God through Jesus, how accurate is the picture we present?

1. What is an image? What does it mean that you are created in the image of God?

2. In the Old Testament, there are many stories about the Israelites being tempted to worship idols. In Exodus 32, the Israelites created a statue of a Golden Calf to worship. They wanted to copy the Egyptians and worship images of their gods. The idea of worshipping a god that they could see was attractive to them. But idols like this are only created objects. God is the creator of all things and being an image-bearer of God means we reflect God’s creativity, goodness, and love. As you listen to today’s program, think about the Israelites’ temptation to worship created idols and how that’s different from worshipping and reflecting the Creator of all things.

Memory Verse

“And just as we have borne the image of the earthly man, so shall we bear the image of the heavenly man”

1 Corinthians 15:49
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After You Listen

In the story, Kayla sang and played a song that she found on the church piano, but she didn’t understand the words. As a family, listen to the song again and read the words below. What words or phrases stick out to you? Discuss these words or phrases with a family member or friend.

Who You Are
David Yeager

Verse 1:
Every son or daughter looks a little like the Father

Though we fall
The sin that bent and broke us puts the picture out of focus
Through it all
The one who made us his
Is making all things new

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are
Shining the light of the morning star
Make it clearer, be a mirror of the glory of God
It’s who you are

Verse 2:
Don’t lose heart
Every act of kindness heals a little blindness
Don’t lose heart

Keep up hope
Every eye that sees us sees a little bit of Jesus
When we open up our hearts to him
And let his love show through

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are
Shining the light of the morning star
Make it clearer, be a mirror of the glory of God
It’s who you are

Take the Episode Quiz


What is the name of the local talent show?


Terrene’s Got Talent.


What record company did the talent scout work for?


Steam-a-Rollah Records.  


How did Kayla and the talent scout complete this sentence, “Winner _________ __________”?


Winner takes all.


After Kayla returned, why did Olivia agree to have Kayla perform in the church’s worship band?


Olivia thought Liz and the members of the music team could be good examples for Kayla.

Next Question


It is important to know that you are created in the image of God, but what does it mean that other people are created in the image of God too? How should knowing that other people are created in God’s image affect the way you treat them? Discuss this as a family. Then, name one way that each of your family members and close friends is created in the image of God.


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